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I love it’s stylish


Just bum





Oh yeah!

Mucho Bueno!

Muito bom!!


Muito bom







Cool app broski

Mt bom


Jest ok



Jest ok





Ottima app.






Just perfect and no one can miss it.

Manual pictorial legacy

We remember and celebrate. What a beautiful tribute to honor your dad.

Editing shared spreadsheets

Drive should allow you to edit spreadsheets

not bad

So far it is the closest thing to a file system Apple will let you have on iOS. But obviously still can't meet all basic needs. The current version constantly crashes if you try to view "offline" files, which hadn't been loading for a while now, but now the entire app crashes if you try to view them.

Simple and Easy

Love that it’s simple to see and easy to use

google my overlord

as long as they dont start stealing my important files i give them 5 stars because i have never encountered a more convenient way to instantly access share or transfer my important codes. google hasnt done me wrong yet, on the contrary google has supplied me life changing information on multiple occasions. feasibly i may never be the same because of my brush in this life with google, but im not looking back yet.

Love it !!!!!!!………………

The perfect storage place.

Incredibly slow/unreliable video uploads

Mainly use the app to upload iPhone vids to Google Drive to free up storage. Over time, the uploads have become slower and slower. A 30 second clip that once took 3 minutes now takes 5. A five minute clip that once took 12-15 minutes now produces an “Upload Failed” message 90% of the time...and on the rare occasions it completes the upload, it takes well over 20 minutes. My ISPs upload speeds consistently test near 5 Mbps, but the Google Drive servers don’t seem able to accommodate even that small amount. Occasionally I’ll be able to use a nice upload connection between 25-75 Mbps, but there is little if any improvement in upload speed. It is becoming nearly impractical to continue using this app. Shopping for alternatives...

I couldn’t hate Google fox anymore than I already do.

I can’t imaging disliking google any more than I already do

It’s awesome but needs some help

Let me start by saying I love this app it’s great when I need to send large files to people and just moving files between my devices. What I wish they would work on is it he UI. It’s very stylized in a way I guess to try and help but I don’t want all that recent files stuff or recent objects I just want a simple files list and maybe a little icon to denote shared files. I can see how it might help some but I when you are working on a project between multiple files that have objects with similar names it can get really confusing when it all pops up as recent files

Practical & Easy to Use

5 Stars

Failing on sheet launch

I have several sheets that fail on launch from ipad

Easy Access

Google Drive is a very easy app that allows you access to your stuff almost anywhere and anytime.


Love being able to access my docs wherever i am! Great interface


Gone are the days of searching for a sub stick... couldn’t live without google drive!


Excellent app and cloud storage! Thank you!

القليل من التعديلات ليصبح رائعاً

برنامج سهل وسلس. يعني رائع جداً. لكن ينقصه بعض الاساسيات. انا استخدمه ك مخزن و قارئ الكتب (pdf) في هذا المجال ينقصه :- • اداه البحث في الكتاب او الصفحه. •معاينه الصفحات. •الانتقال بين الصفحات عن طريق البحث برقم الصفحه. وشكراً

I love drive

I love drive it is the best thing in the world and in school

Great app for busy people

As an outside sales rep for several companies, it is important for me to have access to product information from each company always at my fingertips. Google Drive let’s me sync lots of photos and data to my laptop, cell phone, I pad, and my desktop PC simultaneously. Once updated, all devices are ready for any inquiry I might receive. Updating the files is simple. Just move the latest data into the Google Drive directory, or delete the files that are no longer necessary. Google Drive offers a generous amount of storage space for free. The data updates are seamless and almost instantaneous.

Google Drive is Great!!

Absolutely love this app! It saves all my files quickly and is easily accessible. Love having all my printables on my phone. So easy to use,

It is a great great product

It is a great great product

Perfect Middle man

I use Drive to backup edited photos on my PC and access them from my phone.


ممتاز استفيد منه كثيرا

Can’t download PDFs files to iPhone

Can’t download PDFs files to iPhone

Works like a charm!

Great way to save files without a hassle! Kudos Google!



Great Storage !!

Store your most prize possessions and share them with whom you want

El mejor

La mejor nube


Everything will time I lose the phone I broke or stone I have to get a new phone number so I don’t have the same email address because the passwords I had and they’re stored and Cetra etc.

On of the best aap I have.

Google drive is great and available on demand. All my documents are saved and secured.

Google Drive

This a great site and a pleasure to use.

Doesn’t integrate well with Google Calendar

I use Google Drive & Google Calendar all the time. I schedule events and then attach the relevant paperwork I’ve scanned in & placed in Drive. Often (often enough that it frustrating), when I try to pull up the attached document from the calendar it says file not found, but when I am in Drive, it’s there.

As a student

As a student when I don’t have my computer I find this app very useful. I find it useful but being able to type up essays and such, then email them to my teacher when I’m on the go.

Useful; typically Google complex

Yes it has the features one typically want in cloud storage. It integrates into other Google products. It gets the job done. What I don’t find helpful is the way drive offers its features, and the way it integrates into those other products. Google designers all seem to be thinking along similar lines of what is straightforward, makes sense, it way of thinking. The world is much more diverse than that. I imagine that could relate to google doing better at integrating broader types of diversity into its development.

Great App

The best doc sharing especially when doing long distance business, access to info and docs, just love it! Thanks Google!

Best Invention EVER!

I love the ease and user-friendliness of Google Drive! It makes my productivity just so much better because all my documents and files are accessible with the swipe of a finger. Love, love, love! Even better than the iCloud! (Sorry, Apple)

On the fly

Great for finishing something in the fly or on the bus



No Bookmarks

Google needs to add bookmarks so I don’t have to keep starting over and try to figure out where I left off.


Great sharing and storage tool


It would me much better if it had more space

Depend on Gdrive

My life could not run nearly as well without Google Drive. As a teacher, it is indispensable.


Use it all the time for easily exporting pictures from phone to cloud, managing email attachments on iOS and collaborating on the go.

Not optimized for music

I understand this is multipurpose storage, and if I wasn't using this to share audio files (of original music) with my band members, I'd be rating this 5 stars. Very sleek and intuitive app. My only issues are when I'm listening to recordings of original songs that my band shares using the drive. When I'm testing a mix sometimes I like to hear the same song on repeat or cycle through multiple songs. Basically, it is frustrating not having Playlist features for folders with audio files. I have to move tracks over to my iTunes app (later, on my computer) to use Playlist features that make listening easy. I know this is iffy territory for a file sharing app because you don't want people to be sharing files they don't own. But it would seriously help musicians so much!

Awesome survey platform

This is a excellent way to attract the best of the world. In order to function effectively you must engage stakeholders.

Google Drive

The Google Drive Bethe using on Word Document easy word for Working office and and sign in anytime anywhere in wording on documents and easy to manage and organize on your business in a safely and sharing business with your clients and easy to use I love it make me Bethe time for working thank you very much for Google Drive.

You guys are amazing!

This app is the best!

Great app!

Great for storing any files. I use for thousands of technical/electronic manuals

I Use it everyday

Allows me to seamlessly go between my IPad, IPhone and Windows 10 devices. Google Drive makes it easy to share my work.

Easy to use, universal access wins

I use it on phone, tablet, but integration into windows helps a lot.

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