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I love it’s stylish


Just bum





Oh yeah!

Mucho Bueno!

Muito bom!!


Muito bom







Cool app broski

Mt bom


Jest ok



Jest ok





Ottima app.






I’m an upcoming artist and I love it for working with ppl


Huge battery drain on iphone 7+, when reading pdf, battery drains so fast!

The new update

The new update on my iPhone isn’t allowing me to save photos from my drive to my camera roll

Ap easy

Makes finding documents on my phone so much easier!

Can’t Save to Photo Library Anymore

The app works alright, but you can’t save video to Photo Library and with the most recent update I can’t save photos directly either. I now have to email photos to myself to get them on my device which is super inconvenient. I’ve also tried using the “Open in” option to avoid this, and although it appeared to work (I was opening in Instagram), it didn’t actually work.

Good application sorting is not intuitive

Useful and convenient application. Need a quicker way to find a document and attach it to an email

Save Function Broken??

As an artist sharing drafts and images are key in communication between other editors, thought it’s impossible to save the images without a save function anymore.

Unable to save photos anymore

I used to have the ability to save pictures on my iPhone from albums I would upload. Can’t do that anymore since the last update! Please fix it!!! I need it to work.



Can’t imagine life without my drive.

Life has become so much simpler for me with my all my docs easily accessible though all my devices. I cannot imagine being productive without it.

What happened?

I used to be able to pinch and zoom on a document now it just keeps reverting back to the original size! This is unbelievably annoying, also the fact that there’s no “find” or “search” function. This makes it very hard to find a certain page or chapter when looking through documents with multiple pages. I almost don’t want to use this anymore.

Unable to save images!!! This needs to be fixed. I’m running IOS 12.0.1

Save function broken!!! I’m a photographer, this app is useless if I can’t access my work on the go! I have the 2TB plan. Please fix the issue or I will be going to Dropbox.

Google slides = slow

Slide decks take forever to load

Can't save images

I have always uploaded photos from from my desktop to GD to then save to my phone, but now you can't do that and I really don't understand why. Please change this Google!

Little easier

Directions could be little friendly for people my age. I have to guess a lot, re-read much for understanding. Immunity savvy at age 53 and taught mostly by my children when they were home still. Now on my own.

Why would you remove a useful function?

As an artist, who uses an iPad Pro for all my social media, it was really useful to be able to access one of my images with this app, and simply hold my finger on it, to save to my iPad. That function no longer seems to be, until that’s corrected, I’ll be moving all my files over to DropBox.

Good cloud

Good app. I really love google services

Saving files

There seems to be no way to save my own files in the latest version, kinda makes me want to switch to a different service. Also, there is still no option to clear the cache, I have to frequently delete and redownload the app because it will take up 5+gigs.

Like it!

I am enjoying google drive. I use it for school and it is very helpful. A few complexities which are hard to figure out. Like where are notifications? Overall though it is great! 4 stars!👍

Google Drive

Sorry but Not impressed

To liberal


Bad update

Recent update broke the search function. Doesn’t do full text search now, making the app completely useless. Thanks.

Saving photos

The only thing i want to do is save my photos. Now I can’t. Very disappointed.


When I want to access anything I just go here it’s really amazing.

Can’t save to your mobile device anymore

Stupid update made this app useless on my phone. Why would I want look at my pictures and not be able to save and use them??? Get your act together, Google. This is ridiculous.


Keeps saying my files are unsupported

Content unavailable

I’ve previously had content that I uploaded from my computer either disappear or become unavailable to me when I am logged in as the owner of the content. Completely unacceptable to lose access to my own content.

Kamilia Agag

Google driver helped me in all my classes makes my work easier

Bad timing

Asked to review at a bad time. When I click on anything in my drive it tells me it’s an unsupported file

It’s google

Google is google. What else is there to say?


big oWo this app is great



Where’s the passcode lock?!

Why did you guys drop the passcode lock?? Bring it back!!


Want to store all my pictures but I don’t kno how it makes me do it 1 at a time



WOW this is helpful

Google drive let’s we and my friend to communicate and do fun projects in school there is so many things in google drive not to mention but everything is safely stored in google drive plus I still have more to learn in google drive this app requires 5 stars and I can not wait for the updates finally its a website that is so organized

Worse than despacito



So useful and simple app , thank you google

Cannot DOWNLOAD pictures

Please bring back the feature that allows us to download from our files directly to our mobile device library. I am very appreciative of this application when it allows me to download the pictures and files I upload from my laptop- without that the app is useless. Please fix. Thank you.

Quick Save

I don’t know why, but holding onto a image and saving it doesn’t work anymore. It’s a drag that I have to do 3 steps just to have an image. Please fix


I really drive my work and my words, just need a program to control and edit PDF files; it will be five stars without competition.


When sick easy to be able to use at home. Have on pc at school too.


This is a good APP!

Can’t download fotos back to iPhone

Used to be that you long pressed on a photo and it will download. That is no longer the case. What the hell!!! Doesn’t work on browser either.

Battery HOG lately

It’s been draining 50% of my battery with 1 min foreground and 50 mins background.

Always amazing with Google

I must say that google makes my office life so much better from docs to sheets from photos to drive I have to say that google keepers my modern day company Moving forward and I touch ! Google you are Amazing !!!!

Video still processing

I have been using google drive for a long time without any issues, but I had to stop because I cannot watch the videos anymore. I went online and I read that some people are having the same problem. The videos don’t open and show “still processing” but it never opens.

iPhone can’t download photos anymore?

This used to be my favorite app until a recent update where I can no longer download my photos I upload to my google drive. Makes this app 100% useless.



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