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I love it’s stylish


Just bum





Oh yeah!

Mucho Bueno!

Muito bom!!


Muito bom







Cool app broski

Mt bom


Jest ok



Jest ok





Ottima app.






Unreliable with my most important content



Poor search in drive for documents

Even using key words for title search does not result in finding documents

One stop shop

Google drive impresses me because has the features implemented before I want them.

Google Drive Review

Fab! Ubiquitous! An excellent resource! tcb :-)

Always crashing.

It always crashes on me no matter what version of the app or version of IOS. :/

Entertainment group dance by St. John’s Orthodox Church , Orangeburg, NY at 2018 FYC worshiping God.

Super! Great coordination by the team! 🙏

Great mobile app

This version of drive works very well. It is very simplistic and allows you to easily access your drive on the go.


Love the organization this app provides. Great download

Make k

gymo meh


And efficient


There doesn’t need seem to be enough space on this drive it starts overlapping documents in you can no longer find what you’re looking for.


Go ahead, use it for a week. This is pathetic. I don't even bother. The only way to find a document is to type the name into the search box. Navigating a tree of new folders is impossible because it does not update the list, and it does not update the files, either - so changes in a folder are not shown in the app, even days later. The app does not suggest that it is updating the list of a particular folder, and refreshing a folder does not refresh the list.

Wish I could delete multiple at a time

Instead of clicking an opening each one then hitting delete I would like to be able to click multiple without opening and delete.

Password lock

Please, bring back password lock option

It should upload when opening other apps

Thanks for the drive. However, It should be able to upload when I click out of the app, instead it hangs and fails...

No protection why?

One drive has password and Touch ID protection for files documents photos why not have google drive...??? I really wondered. I have a lot of files in my google drive but have no protection. This is crazy please add password protection. One star for now; if I see password protection I’ll update my review.


G Suite has revolutionized education! Absolutely love!

Used it for a long time.

I have used G drive for at least 4 years or so and it seems to work good. I just need to learn a little more about it by using it and navigating through it.


i dont like that you can only type on drive with a laptop, other than that, its fine


I love the google drive app! It’s fast, intuitive, and gets the job done!

Best for writers

You can now share a bit of your story with a reader.

Uploading pics from iPhone is Impossible!

Ive tried every way possible I know to upload a bunch of pictures from a recent trip to google drive from iPhone photos, and the ONLY way that is working (albeit at the speed, literally, of dial up) is to physically connect my phone to chromebook & copy them into GDrive that way. Common. 21st century; this is unacceptable.




I absolutely love this program, it does the job exquisitely and I am very pleased. Thank You, Bravo

Get the app

It makes life easier!

Password protection is a must

Previously we were able to protect login with password. Why is this function disabled? This is a must for drives in Mobile. Please incorporate soon.

No password protection update removed it

I don’t understand the purpose of an update just to take away the passcode protection. That’s one of the most important features

Really good app!



Love it

Drive is very helpful

I use this for school and personal. I even got my 70+ year old mom to use it. Love that work can be done even though a cell phone!


I don't really use the Google Drive app for anything, I think it's kind of stupid that all you can do is view your files and not edit them unless you have the separate docs or slides apps. I mostly use the app for downloading pictures and videos off of my iPad but there is a single video I have been trying to upload for about a week and it still isn't done. The app has just been so incredibly slow and unresponsive.

Good storage

Useful and convenient

Playback issues

Haven’t watched one of the videos shared with me in 3 days to see if the issue would subside, but still persist after months.

Really Easy

Drive is really easy because you have all your stuff all organized (if you do it)

Bring back drag and drop




Very useful app to sync files all over

I use it for business and personal files. Syncs instantly.. has saved me from alot of headache

Impossible to sign on

All I get is a roundabout to sign in, then go to my Google account, then back to Drive .... and repeat endlessly.


I’ve been using Google drive to save, transfer files from school to school, and share/collaborate with colleagues now for about 3 years! I’ve gotten way better at it over the past couple years and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! It has made it so much easier to pull up a lesson, print off the needed assignments, open the power points in any classroom at any time!!!! I can’t say enough positive about the drive!

Everything I needed

Lives up to the expectations compared to the actual desktop experience.

Es una gran aplicación

Cool me gusta mucho


Really great app. Helps me with uploading photos from my photoshoots! IG @LAWCphoto

One problem.

They say that they added password protected files. There is no such thing. Help!!!

Great for storage

Love it!!!!


The app helps a lot it does truly

Great tool!

I love using this it is so useful to keep all of my important docs and easy to use. Just incredibly effective and helpful. I really appreciate it

A++ Storage App for IOS and Android.

Love it!

My Go to for files and beyond!

I honestly use this app everyday and it has replaced dRopBox easily. Works so seamless and makes sharing files a breeze. My only wish would be to allow continuous play of songs in a specific folder. Otherwise it’s top notch.

Couldn’t live without it

But, I’m too lazy to erase the duplicates

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