Google Drive App Reviews

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Google drive is such a useful tool..would definitely recommend this to anyone.. Although one thing is worrying.... Google has taken away the touch I.d security feature to keep the app locked..wondering why this happened??

Good app

It’s a really good app. Save a lot of space on my phone

Passcode access

I don’t understand why passcode protection you guys removed from this app . I use my drive to keep personal photos obviously and my phone will not always be on my hand, so I recommend to bring this protection again Otherwise i give 5 stars

Can do all functions as pc

You made a truly useful app for managing my google drive on the go. Good job.

16gb fact ?

Maybe the most helpful app for a 16gb ios user ??

Great Drive App

Super easy to move files around and share them as needed

Love this app

This app is wonderful I’ve been using it for a few years now !! Will continue because it’s a fantastic app to save photos n videos


I use Google drive for school and it works amazingly. Everything is very well-integrated.

Useful but hard to navigate

Useful to share docs real time, hard to navigate and find anything as so unlike Windows in that. Also almost impossible to put a link for one document into another


Easy to use! Very helpful to have on my phone.

It is

Necessary for being a person in 2018

google drive ... very convenient

able to share stuff between home/work/iphone conveniently!!! very handy!!!


Great app


I use it at home, at work, and everywhere else there is an internet connection. As a teacher, the ability to share directories for submissions or posting of assignments is a game changer.



Must have for the ultra organized

This app saved my sanity at times of all time high productivity or just straight procrastination. Highly recommend for anyone who is very mobile or can take their tasks on the go.

The best in the world ??????

The best in the whole world ??

Works perfect

Got it to download books and I couldn’t be happier

Convenient and easy to use

Incredibly useful to have on hand for all situations

Good product.

Easy to use. Wish it will upload/download faster Keep improving it

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